Can seaweed raw materials be made into organic fertilizer

Seaweed is a low-level plant growing in the intertidal zone of coastal areas. As the most primitive life form, baths grow fast, have simple structure and strong adaptability. The whole algae can be fully developed and utilized. Seaweed contains a large number of bioactive substances, nutrients and functional components that terrestrial organisms lack. It is a high-quality raw material for the processing of special high-efficiency fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulator. These characteristics determine that seaweed has important commercial development value.

Production process of seaweed fertilizer:

1. How to deal with seaweed in organic fertilizer production equipment has a great influence on the nutrient content and activity of products. The key to the quality of seaweed organic fertilizer lies in the selection of production process. The production process of algal hypertrophy is water, acid, alkali, organic reagent, or mechanical treatment of algal raw materials to make them into fine particles. Generally speaking, the production process of seaweed fertilizer includes chemical extraction process, physical extraction process and biological extraction process. The disc fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and other equipment provided by us make seaweed fertilizer into small particles which are convenient for application.

2: Biological extraction technology is to use a variety of enzymes produced in the fermentation process of microorganisms to degrade the macromolecular substances of seaweed into the small molecular substances that are easy to be absorbed and utilized by plants. The method has mild reaction, environmental protection and pollution-free product, and can retain the bioactive components and nutrients in seaweed to the maximum extent. It is an ideal production method of seaweed fertilizer.
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Efficacy and characteristics of seaweed fertilizer

Studies have shown that the application of seaweed bio-organic liquid fertilizer can promote plant growth and increase photosynthetic efficiency. After fenugreek was treated with the seaweed extract, the growth and wet weight of the seedlings increased significantly, and the contents of photosynthetic pigments, carbohydrates, proteins and polyphenols increased significantly. Seaweed fertilizer not only increases fruit yield, but also improves crop disease resistance.