Common problems encountered by disc granulator in the fertilizer production

Fertilizer granulator machine has been widely used in the industry, especially disc granulator are the most common used in the fertilizer industry. What are the common problems in the use of disc granulators in the production of fertilizer? If the granulator equipment encounters problems such as material precipitation and agglomeration during use, how to resolve these problems? Below we guide to solve these problems.

Material precipitation occurs in the production of fertilizer. Some materials can't be mixed. When they are mixed and dissolved in water, they will precipitate. Some fertilizers can be dissolved in a certain proportion, but over a certain strength will produce salting out, that is to say, another kind of material will be precipitated out. Some materials are easy to dissolve in acid substances, such as metal salts, on the contrary, they will produce precipitation. Some materials are easy to dissolve in alkaline medium, such as humic acids, they will produce precipitation when they dissolve in acid solution.
The main methods to prevent material precipitation are to adjust the pH value of the solution reasonably, add cosolvent and increase the solubility of insoluble substances. The raw materials of NPK fertilizer production line should be properly proportioned to prevent salting out and supersaturation. Add appropriate additives to protect reaction materials and prevent precipitation. Select appropriate materials to prevent precipitation due to mutual reaction.
disc fertilizer granulator

The problem of flatulence in the production of fertilizer is caused by the reaction of two or more materials to release gas. In the process of producing fertilizer, flatulent materials can be produced: borax, ammonium salt, filler and so on. In order to effectively prevent flatulence, we should pay attention to the following points when processing pellets with disc fertilizer granulator: When purchasing qualified raw materials, we cannot blindly pursue low cost. Reasonable mix of raw materials, no chemical reaction can occur between raw materials and raw materials.

Caking problems in fertilizer production: caking problems are mainly related to raw materials, humidity, temperature, external pressure and storage time. Reasonable selection of raw materials for organic fertilizer production equipment, that is, raw materials that are not easy to agglomerate are selected as raw materials for our production.