Characteristics of NPK slow-release fertilizer production process

NPK Fertilizer Production Process
Coating material melting machine: Suitable for continuous and rapid melting of thermal sensitive materials. It can continuously and stably provide accurate coating material fluid for spraying system controlled by computer.

Coating film drum production process: the flow rate of the carrier is controlled by the computer, and the preheating of the fertilizer and the spraying of the coating material are completed once in the drum, and the sealant and the adjusting agent are sprayed when the thickness of the coating is formed to improve the performance of the product.

Cooling drum equipment: The special design of the cooling drum greatly improves the cooling efficiency, reduces the friction between the coated particles in the cooling process to a greater extent, effectively reduces the generation of dust, and improves the smoothness of the coated particles surface.
NPK slow-release fertilizer production process

Main properties of controlled release fertilizer products:
(1) Total nutrient content≥36
(2) The controlled release period of nutrients ranged from 40 days to 90 days.
(3) Fertilizer particles≥3mm

Advantages of NPK Fertilizer Production Process in Processing slow-release fertilizer
The product has good appearance quality, uniform coating and strong wear resistance. After degradation, the film can provide sulfur nutrition, which meets the requirements of environmentally friendly fertilizers. A large number of field fertilizer efficiency experiments showed that compared with non-coated fertilizer, the yield could be increased by 6-10% at the same level of economic input. At the same yield level, the amount of fertilizer application can be reduced by 1/3 and the utilization rate of fertilizer can be increased by 10 percentage points.

Application range of slow and controlled release fertilizer
NPK fertilizer production process can produce controlled-release fertilizer with large granular urea or special fertilizer for crops as carrier. Rotary drum granulator is a commonly used granulating equipment. Slow and controlled release fertilizers are available in a variety of forms and processing forms. Currently, there are two types of endoplasmic and outsourced, endoplasmic agents such as urease inhibitors and nitrification inhibitors, or polyaspartic acid. etc., there are sulfur envelopes, resin ester coatings, and some inorganic coatings like some phosphates, as well as some chemically controlled release such as urine formaldehyde, the production process is different.