How to solve the turn over problem in the organic fertilizer fermentation process

In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer manufacturing process, it is often the case that the fermentation product cannot be turned over, which is generally caused by the viscosity of the objects in the fermentation reactor. The trough type turning machine used in organic fertilizer fermentation usually treats organic waste such as sludge waste, dregs cake, straw sawdust, livestock manure and sugar mill sludge. Because of the different consistency of the materials and the different moisture content of the materials, it is easy to see the difficulty of handling the turntable.

How to deal with the difficulty of overturning material by compost turning machine:
1. The start-up temperature of the stacker should be better than 15℃ (it can be operated in all seasons of the year, not affected by season, fermentation in indoor or greenhouse in winter as far as possible), and the fermentation temperature should be controlled below 70-75℃.
trough compost turning machine

2. 1 kg of starter can ferment about 10 tons of sludge and cow dung. According to the weight ratio, add about 30-50% cow dung, or straw powder, mushroom residue, peanut hull powder, or rice hull, sawdust and other organic materials in order to regulate ventilation. If rice husk and sawdust are added, the fermentation time should be prolonged because of the high cellulose lignin content.
Strain dilution: 5-10 kg rice bran (or bran, corn flour and other substitutes) per kg of starter is mixed and diluted, then evenly sprinkled into the material pile, the use effect will be better.

3.The moisture content of fermentation materials should be controlled in the range of 60-65%. Moisture judgment: Hold a handful of materials tightly, finger seam watermarking but not dripping, landing is appropriate to scatter. Fermentation with less water is slow and aeration with more water is poor. Anaerobic bacteria can also produce odor.

4. Build a fermentation reactor while spraying bacteria. The height and volume of the reactor should not be too short or too small. The fermentation reactor should be 1-1.3 meters high, 2-3 meters wide and unlimited in length.

Above is a brief description of the use of the compost turning machine in the fermentation of organic fertilizer manufacturing process. We are fertilizer machine manufacturers providing a variety of compost turner equipment. Welcome to know more about organic fertilizer equipment.