How can chicken manure be treated for soil fertility

Chicken manure from chicken farms is of high value and can be used as organic fertilizer to achieve high profits. Organic fertilizer production equipment can realize the industrial processing of chicken manure, and the production of chicken manure organic fertilizer requires only a few simple equipments and treatments.

The production of chicken manure organic fertilizer needs fermentation and decomposition

Chickens are mostly fed with cereals, vegetables, aquatic plants, insects and other fodder. With the promotion and use of fodder, some nutrients are still left in manure, so the nutrient content of chicken manure is higher. Because the ammonia in poultry manure is mainly in the form of uric acid, and the uric acid nitrogen can not be directly absorbed and utilized by crops, it must be decomposed before it can be applied. The decomposed poultry manure can be used as topdressing or base fertilizer, which is suitable for various soils and crops. In addition, straw, sawdust, rice bran, rice husk and mushroom residue should be added to the organic fertilizer fermentation of chicken manure. These materials can better balance carbon sources, adjust material humidity and improve the void of the stack. In the process of fermentation, the windrow turner is used regularly to mix the materials to promote the aerobic fermentation of chicken manure organic fertilizer. Maturity compost is the raw material for further processing of organic fertilizer.

Basic equipment for establishing chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

organic fertilizer production equipment
The process of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line includes crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening and packaging. The equipment needed is compost turner, semi-wet material crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum screener, packing machine, conveyor. The scale of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is different, and the configuration of organic fertilizer equipment is different. The more complete the equipment configuration of organic fertilizer plant, the higher the automation degree of organic fertilizer production, the lower the production cost.