Composting machine fermentation technology in manure organic fertilizer manufacturing

The compost turning machine is an indispensable equipment for the composting of livestock manure, agricultural straw and other waste resources. It plays a decisive role in the material adjustment in the early stage of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The trough turning machine can effectively shorten the composting cycle and improve the quality of organic fertilizer. Composting machine fermentation technology is very important to the quality of fertilizer manufacturing process.

Most modern organic fertilizer manufacturing process adopt trough-type aerobic fermentation technology. Trough-type turning machine has the advantages of high composting efficiency, large turnover output and complete material turnover. It is only necessary to pile up the compost material of the organic fertilizer manufacturing in the fermentation tank for aerobic fermentation, and use the compost turning machine to mechanize the material. The whole composting process is usually completed in 20-30 days.

Characteristics of trough turning machine
1 The trough turning machine optimizes the fermentation conditions such as moisture, carbon to nitrogen ratio and porosity of the compost material.

2 Solar composting workshop has excellent heating and heat preservation effect and regulation function, composting fermentation will not be affected by bad weather.

3 The compost turner moves on the predetermined track, saving energy, reducing cost, simple operation and large processing output.

4 The compost turner can be fed and discharged in batches. The raw materials of the whole organic fertilizer production line can be continuously supplied to ensure the continuity of organic fertilizer production.

5 The turning machine also carries out aeration, crushing and mixing operations on materials while handling them.
screw compost turning machinesmall trough compost turning machine

The trough type turning machine has screw compost turning machine and small trough compost turning machine. According to the output configuration of organic fertilizer production line, different types of turners are applicable. The screw compost turning machine has a large capacity and is suitable for large-scale organic fertilizer production manufacturing projects. The equipment greatly improves the space utilization rate, reduces the production cost of organic fertilizer and shortens the fermentation time. Small trough compost turning machine is suitable for most organic fertilizer enterprises. It has simple structure, high automation and durability.