How to Choose the Appropriate Organic Fertilizer Granulator to Treat Straw manure

Organic fertilizer granulator can recycle chicken manure, cow manure, duck manure, sheep manure, animal manure and straw, rice husk and other wastes, and make them into organic fertilizer for farmland. Organic fertilizer has the function of heat absorption and heat preservation, which can improve soil temperature and drought and freeze resistance of crops. In the process of decomposition and transformation of organic fertilizer in soil, the physiological active substances synthesized by microorganisms can promote the growth of crops and improve their disease resistance.
So, what kind of organic fertilizer granulator should we choose if we want to make organic fertilizer from waste? Below, Huaqiang fertilizer equipment manufacturer introduce several organic fertilizer granulators. Through their respective characteristics, we can choose the suitable granulator.

The drum granulator has a rotating drum which makes the material aggregate into a ball inside to complete granulation. Rotary drum granulator has powerful functions and is suitable for cold and hot granulation of materials and large-scale production of various compound fertilizers. The organic fertilizer granules made by the drum granulator are round and spherical, and the product has good appearance and is convenient for storage and transportation.

The ring die granulator makes the raw materials into cylindrical particles by extrusion of the die. This way of producing organic fertilizer by ring die granulator can save a lot of energy, and has a good granulation effect on the material containing more straw in organic fertilizer raw materials. Ring die granulator has unique effect in production benefit, use benefit and social economic benefit, and its market prospect is broad.
organic fertilizer granulator

The new type organic fertilizer granulator is a kind of granulator specially developed by our factory for granulating all kinds of organic substances after fermentation. This kind of organic fertilizer granulator can process spherical particles without drying raw materials before granulation. The new type organic fertilizer granulator does not need to add binder in processing, and the granules produced are spherical. The new type organic fertilizer granulator has good practicability and adaptability in different areas. It is a common equipment for organic fertilizer granulating production.