Is it good for organic fertilizer ring die granulator to produce plant ash granular fertilizer

Plant ash is a kind of high quality fertilizer material. Compound fertilizer made from plant ash contains trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to promote plant growth. This compound fertilizer is pollution-free and used in agricultural production. It is of great significance to increase crop yield and income. Ring-die granulator is suitable for extrusion granulation of various solid materials. It is an organic fertilizer equipment for granulating. In the granulation process of biomass fuels, the use of ring die granulator to make plant ash fertilizer has a very good effect. Therefore, ring die granulator is widely used in the production of plant ash fertilizer granules.
organic fertilizer ring die granulator

Principle of Plant Ash Ring Die Granulator
Organic fertilizer equipment ring die granulator generally consists of one ring die and 2-3 rollers. The ring mode rotates counterclockwise at a certain speed driven by the motor. The prepared plant ash is fed into the pressing chamber. There is a certain gap between the roller and the ring die. The plant ash is pushed into the gap between the roller and the ring die by the ring die. After the plant ash enters the ring die granulator, it is extruded into granules through the ring die and the pressing roller. The intake angle of plant ash between roller and ring die decreases, and the moisture content of plant ash is lower when it is formed. Generally, it is below 15%, and the density of particles is higher. It can make particles without any additives, and the strength of particles is higher.

Effect of Organic Fertilizer Ring Die Granulator
The granular effect of organic fertilizer ring die granulator is good. It can produce organic fertilizer granules from straw, sawdust, peanut shell and other materials. The granular strength of organic fertilizer processed by ring die granulator is high, and it is not easy to loosen. It can prolong the fertilizer efficiency and make the plant absorb nutrients.