Common problems in purchasing fertilizer pelletizer and other equipment

Each kind of fertilizer pelletizer has its own characteristics, and granulation is affected by many factors. The best way to choose the appropriate granulation method and equipment is to compare the actual granules.
fertilizer pelletizer
Huaqiang granulator equipment factory has been advocating to serve agriculture well and promote the development of fertilizer enterprises since the production of granulating equipment. Therefore, our factory provides free trial granulation. The so-called free trial granulation means that fertilizer enterprises can provide fertilizer test granulation before purchasing fertilizer pelletizer equipment, so that you can find the most suitable fertilizer granulation equipment.

Huaqiang factory has now formed double roller granulator, hydraulic roller pelletizer, flat die pellet mill, disc granulator machine, drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, and fully automatic BB fertilizer equipment. Granules and series of supporting equipment. We can meet the different choices of stand-alone, combined, complete production lines and turnkey projects, so that companies who come to the company to choose equipment can be satisfied. The company takes integrity and pragmatism as the development concept to let every manufacturer who needs fertilizer production equipment , Can choose the ideal granulating equipment in our company.

Here are a few factors that need to be considered when purchasing NPK fertilizer granulator equipment:
1. Raw material factors. According to the characteristics of different raw materials, different granulation methods need to be selected.
2. Product requirements. The particle size of the products obtained by different granulation methods is very different.

According to the fertilizer production process output of their own factory, the user can choose the suitable granulating equipment and the suitable equipment model. Before purchasing the pelletizer machine, it is better to test the machine with raw materials to determine the granulation effect.