What process and machinery are needed to make pig manure into organic fertilizer

Which machines are needed for pig manure processing organic fertilizer equipment? How does the pig manure in the pigpen become the organic fertilizer particles needed by the crop? Here is a brief introduction to the pig organic fertilizer manufacturing process, so that you are no longer confused when investing in pig manure organic fertilizer projects.
pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The process flow of pig manure processing organic fertilizer equipment is as follows:

1. Compost the pig manure (water content is about 70%).

2. Prepare auxiliary materials (such as straw, straw, sawdust) with water content no more than 12%.

3. The required accelerating agent was weighed and divided into parts, and the dosage was 1:10000. Then, it was added and pretreated. Then, the separately weighed promoting agent was mixed with corn flour and rice straw bran at the ratio of 1:30, and stirred evenly.

4. The pig manure and auxiliary materials are mixed by the weight of 3:1, and then the treated fermentation agent is added into the compost, and then stirred to make it uniform.

5. The moisture content of the fermented material should be controlled at 50% - 60%, which can achieve the effect of holding into a ball and dispersing when the hand is released.

6. The stirred fermentation material can be piled up for fermentation, with the height no more than 1 m, the width and length no less than 1.5 m.

7. After 24-36 hours of fermentation, the temperature can reach above 50 degrees and 70 degrees, and the deodorization effect can be achieved in three days.

8. After 15 days of fermentation, it reached the standard of pollution-free and organic fertilizer. It can be further processed by disc granulator, drum dryer, cooler and screen.