Comparison of extrusion granulation and rolling granulation fertilizer manufacturing process

In the whole process of granulation in fertilizer manufacturing process, all kinds of powder, small pieces, water solution or melted raw materials are made into particles with necessary appearance and compressive strength. According to the chemical properties of raw materials, we should try our best to reduce smoke and dust pollution, improve performance and improve production and processing effects.

According to the fertilizer manufacturing process, according to the different agglomeration methods of the initial ultrafine particles, the processing technology of the granulator can be divided into extrusion granulation, rolling granulation, spray granulation, hot melt granulation, fluidized granulation. Pressure granulation and rolling granulation are two common methods of fertilizer production. What are the differences between the two fertilizer production methods?

The pressure granulation method restricts the powder form to the closed inner space, and releases the external force to increase the compactness of the material. The pressure granulation method can be divided into two types, one is a compression molding granulation method, and the raw material is placed in a closed mold cavity, and is extruded into a cylindrical strip according to repeated movement. The other is double roller press granulation method, which is commonly used in double roller press granulator. During the press granulation process, the raw materials are pulverized, granulated, and sieved. With the promotion of rollers, materials are formed.
double roller extrusion granulator

Rolling granulation is to infiltrate the adhesives into the fine powder on the solid disc to produce micronuclei. The reunited pellets undergo several rolls and then become spherical particles of a given size. Rolling granulator equipment generally includes disc fertilizer granulator and rotary drum granulator.

Granulator is a key part of fertilizer processing technology. In order to save costs, some businesses usually choose only suitable granulation equipment for production. Therefore, granulator machine is not only used in industrial field, but also in chemical and agricultural business. According to the market application, granulator includes fertilizer granulator, sawdust granulator, plastic granulator, pulverized coal granulator and so on. Understanding the different methods of granulation in fertilizer production will help to buy suitable granulation equipment.