Application of compost turning machine for organic fertilizer production line

In the modern industrialized organic fertilizer production line, aerobic composting is a method of using organic fertilizer production equipment to make livestock and poultry manure and other organic substances harmless under aerobic conditions by using aerobic microorganisms to transform into organic fertilizer. The main function of  compost turning machine is to control the temperature, volatilize water and increase oxygen in the composting process to meet the aerobic fermentation conditions. The compost turning machine promotes the efficient fermentation of livestock and poultry manure. According to the fermentation mode of organic matter composting process such as livestock and poultry manure, we can divide the compost turning machine into two types: groove type and strip type.

Groove compost turning machine is suitable for organic fertilizer production line with fermentation tank. The track is laid on the wall of the long-shaped fermentation tank, and the trough-type composting and turning machine can walk along the track on the fermentation tank, saving energy consumption. The groove compost turning machine can operate automatically and conveniently. Groove compost turning machine is widely used in organic fertilizer production, and is the main dump equipment for livestock and poultry manure composting. The groove compost turning machine we designed contains strong agitator teeth, turning animal materials by mechanical rotation, which has strong production capacity per unit time and large processing output.
Groove compost turning machine

Organic Fertilizer Production Line-Windrow compost turning machine
Windrow compost turning machine is a walking dumper, which is suitable for stacking composting. Windrow compost turning machine is mainly used for large farms and other large areas of field stacking compost, without the need to build fermentation tank. However, the strip stacking composting has the characteristics of low depth, slow heating and large site occupancy, and the site environment is not good when the windrow compost turning machine works. Windrow compost turning machine is mainly composed of walking driving device, dumper device and transmission system. It is generally driven by internal combustion engine and is a diesel engine.
Windrow compost turning machine