Installation of Dryer and Cooler for Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment makes organic fertilizer from organic matter such as poultry and livestock manure by granulation, drying, cooling, packing and other processes. Rotary drum dryer and cooler are important equipment for organic fertilizer production. They are bulky in shape and have strong production capacity. So what should we pay attention to when installing these organic fertilizer equipment?

As large-scale organic fertilizer equipment, rotary drum dryer and rotary drum cooler are generally divided into two sections when transporting, loading and unloading, and then reorganized when installed. Welding or flange connection is usually used in the installation of these equipment.
Dryer and Cooler for Organic Fertilizer Equipment

(1) The cylinder of the organic fertilizer equipment connected by flanges is usually connected at the big gears. Firstly, the big gears are assembled as a whole on the flat ground to check the tightness of the joint of the gears. After assembly of large gears, they are hoisted and positioned with bolts, then fastened with connecting bolts, and checked with plug ruler after tightening, and qualified with no gap at the flange connection; then they are evenly arranged on the inner wall of the cylinder with connecting plates, and the flange of the cylinder and gear flange are welded together through the connecting plates; after welding, another section of the cylinder is hoisted and positioned with bolts, and then inserted into the whole section. Connection bolts are tightened evenly. After tightening, check with plug ruler. No clearance at flange joint surface is qualified.

(2) When the drum dryer and the drum cooler are joined by welding, the clearance of the drum body should be paid attention to to to meet the relevant requirements of welding technology. At the same time, the coaxiality of the cylinder is measured by the method of laser theodolite or horizontal wire drawing with heavy hammer, which ensures that the straightness deviation of the center line of the cylinder is not more than 2 mm, and the concentricity deviation of the bracket and gear is not more than 1 mm. Double-sided welding is used for the cylinder body of organic fertilizer equipment, and it is symmetrical. After welding, the weld quality inspection should meet the technical requirements of the drawings.