Cooling equipment for improving the efficiency of organic fertilizer production line

In the production of organic fertilizer, the temperature of the organic fertilizer granules after drying is high. If it is not cooled, it will cause moisture absorption and agglomeration, which will affect the quality of organic fertilizer. In the actual organic fertilizer production line, cooling equipment must be installed, and ventilation measures should be taken to force cooling. The rotary cooler is used in the production of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer, and is an important equipment for fertilizer production.

Structure of cooler in organic fertilizer production line
1. The bracket part of the cooler: The rotating part of the whole cooler is supported by the bracket and is subjected to a large force. Therefore, the bracket part of the machine is welded with medium carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict quality control and special process requirements.
Cooling machine of organic fertilizer production line
2. Cooling machine transmission: The motor drives belt pulley, triangle belt and reducer to drive the spindle to make the body work. The large gear ring is fixed on the body, and is geared with the transmission pinion to drive the body to work in opposite direction.
3. Roller belt of cooler: Fixed on both sides of the body to support the entire body.
4. Cooler cylinder: The most important part of the whole cooling machine is the body, which is welded by carbon steel plate. The built-in lifting plate is made of high quality wear-resistant materials.

Working principle of cooler
The cylinder of the cooler is driven and rotated by a driving device at the tail thereof. The material is continuously turned over during the rotation of the cylindrical casing and transported to the tail portion. At the same time, the heat is exchanged in contact with the cooler and the air. The heat release of the material is intense. The cold air is blown into the tail of the cooler and conversely exchanges heat with the material. Therefore, the heat transfer coefficient of the cooler is high and the cooling effect is good. Material is conveyed to the tail by the rotation of the cylinder.
The rotary drum cooler adopts the rotation of the cylinder and the reverse flow heat exchange method, so that the continuously turned material is sufficiently cooled, thereby improving the heat transfer coefficient and improving the cooling effect. The cooling equipment has simple structure, high output, good cooling effect and wide application. It is suitable for chemical, thermoelectric, metallurgical and other industries, especially for the supporting use of large-scale equipment such as organic fertilizer production line.

Characteristics of cooler in organic fertilizer production line
1. In the organic fertilizer production line, the cooling machine can greatly improve the cooling speed of fertilizer, reduce manual labor and improve product quality.
2The cooler has a wide range of applications and can cool powder, other particles and other materials.
3The cooling equipment has excellent structure, high degree of mechanization, large production capacity and strong adaptability.
4 Low power consumption of cooling equipment and good uniformity of product cooling.