Analysis and countermeasures of nutrient loss caused by organic fertilizer machine processing


1. Prevent nutrient loss caused by gas volatilization

The first step of organic fertilizer making machine processing is compost fermentation. In the process of decomposing, the nitrogen inside will be converted into ammonia, causing volatilization loss. Therefore, it must be covered tightly with an undamaged plastic film when it is decomposed. And the accumulation of decomposing time must not be too long, use as soon as possible after decomposing.

2. Prevent nutrient loss caused by chemical reaction

Common faeces and plant ash cannot be mixed. Plant ash contains a lot of potassium carbonate, pH value is alkaline, feces and plant ash mixed, acid-base neutralization, nutrient loss. Therefore, in the process of stacking production, manure and plant ash should be stored separately. Plant ash should not be poured into organic fertilizer, but also be prevented from being leached by rain.  
organic fertilizer

3. Prevent nutrient loss with water leakage

In order to make rice husks, sheep dung, duck dung, and cow dung more easily decomposed, the manure is watered in the production of organic fertilizer, but often because of the lack of anti-leakage measures underneath, nutritional elements Lost with water leakage. Therefore, whether it is decomposed in a cesspit or on flat ground, a plastic film must be laid underneath to block the leakage of nutrients with the water. In addition, the appropriate amount of water must be sprayed.

Composting to complete organic fertilizer, using drum granulator to make materials into solid particles, more conducive to fertilizer storage, use to ensure long-term supply of nutrients.