Powder organic fertilizer manufacturing process and equipment advantages

Now many farm enterprises are hesitant to buy organic fertilizer manufacturing process will bring benefits to themselves, worried about the technical problems of organic fertilizer, and let the equipment can not be fully utilized into furnishings. In fact, these problems are not problems. If it's an initial investment, we suggest that you consider a cheap powdery organic fertilizer production line first.

Compared with the organic fertilizer production process, the production equipment of powdery organic fertilizer has lower cost and simple operation. The whole production process of organic fertilizer includes fermentation, crushing, mixing and packaging. No need for drum granulator and subsequent treatment equipment.

1. Fermentation is relatively simple, we generally use the trough fermentation method, so the cost is relatively low, the trough fermentation dumper has many types of equipment, and the configuration is optional.

2. Crushing will have to use some crushing equipment, generally we are using semi wet material crusher, this equipment can be 30-50% moisture in the material uniform crushing, can effectively meet our organic fertilizer standard.

3. The purpose of this equipment is for us to add some microorganisms to the organic fertilizer and mix some organic matter evenly. Adding these things can effectively improve the content of organic matter in our organic fertilizer. Now we mostly use disc mixer.

4. Packing is for the convenience of storage and transportation of our finished products.

Powdery organic fertilizer using some simple organic fertilizer equipment can make our livestock manure into treasure. For some small and medium-sized farms, the investment is relatively small, and the profit is relatively rich! If you want to further simple granulation, you can choose the double roller granulator, eliminating the drying and cooling system.