Cow manure biofertilizer production line solves the waste of farm

Cattle are large livestock with various economic values. With the development of the breeding industry, the number of cattle is increasing, and the farms manage livestock on a large scale. Due to the large amount of cattle, the amount of feces and urine excreted per day is more than other livestock and poultry, and the corresponding amount of nutrient content is more, so cow feces and urine is also an important source of fertilizer in agricultural production. In terms of composition, cow dung urine is similar to pig dung urine, mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, protein, decomposition products and various inorganic salts, and the nutrient content is medium. The establishment of a cow manure biofertilizer production line can make the waste recycled and the environment improved.
cow manure biofertilizer production

Processing flow of cow manure biofertilizer production line
The production line of cow manure biofertilizer has completed the whole work from raw material fermentation to particle production. 
cow manure biofertilizer production line
1.Put the cattle manure pile into the fermentation tank, add the fermentation bacteria for biological fermentation, and regularly use the trough compost turning machine for composting operation.

2. When the raw materials are mature, they are crushed by the organic fertilizer crusher and stacked near the fertilizer mixer for use at any time. Next, other auxiliary materials and water can be added to the mixer to mix together, and auxiliary materials can be added as appropriate to meet the standard of bio organic fertilizer.

3. The good pelletizing effect of the new type organic fertilizer granulator reduces the production cost, the high yield and even particles make the final return material of biofertilizer production line not too much.

4. After drying by hot air in the dryer, the moisture content of the particles is greatly reduced, and then the particles are cooled by cold air in the cooler. The huge air volume of the exhaust fan directly extracts the condensed moisture.

5 To the next process screening, according to the need to select different types of screen screening particles, particles after the classification of products for packaging. Different biological fertilizers are used for different crops, such as flowers, crops and so on.

The development of complete set of biofertilizer production line equipment makes cattle manure become treasure, improves environment, reduces diseases and insect pests, and plays an inestimable role in the breeding industry and planting industry.