How to determine the raw materials for NPK fertilizer production

The formulation of NPK compound fertilizer is a kind of technology, which is not a simple combination. It also requires that the personnel who design the production process of NPK compound fertilizer have certain professional knowledge. In order to consider all aspects of the problem, they must be proficient in the production process formulation of NPK compound fertilizer, so as to produce the fertilizer suitable for the growth of crops. So how to determine the raw materials for NPK fertilizer production?

raw materials for NPK fertilizer production
If we want to process powdery materials into particles, we must consider the viscosity of materials. After the raw material enters the fertilizer granulator machine, it should be granulated according to the viscosity of the material itself. Only when the materials in production have enough viscosity can they be processed into particles.

In the long-term production experience, we call the sticky fertilizer as sticky fertilizer, while some fertilizers are relatively poor in viscosity, so they are regarded as sandy fertilizers, and some fertilizers between them are defined as neutral fertilizers.

When mixing materials in production, it is necessary to meet the viscosity standard before use. For example, when using procalcium as phosphorus source, the viscosity of procalcium is more than 50%; when producing some fertilizers containing urea, the viscosity of materials is generally determined according to the quantity of urea used, and the proportion of general sticky materials is more than 35%.

In the production of high concentration fertilizer, the pelletization of fertilizer generally depends on the viscosity of ammonium phosphate. Therefore, the key point of producing high concentration compound fertilizer is to choose ammonium phosphate with good viscosity. The viscosity of ammonium phosphate will directly affect the pelletization rate of high concentration fertilizer.

Improve raw material viscosity of NPK fertilizer production
The following fertilizer machine manufacturers introduce a small technique to improve the viscosity of materials. When raw materials are crushed, the higher the mesh number of materials, the better the viscosity of materials. Generally, in order to improve the viscosity of materials in production, materials are often crushed in production.