Daily maintenance and troubleshooting of disc granulator

Disc granulator is an important part of organic fertilizer production equipment. It is inevitable that there will be various failures in the daily operation of granulator. If it can not be solved in time, it will not only cause greater damage to the disc granulator, but also directly affect production and damage the interests of enterprises.

Solution to failure of disc fertilizer granulator

The most common failure of the disc fertilizer granulator is that the current of the main machine is unstable during operation. If it is not found and solved in time, it will seriously affect the operation of the equipment and lose the life of the granulator.
How to solve this problem? The specific measures are to stop the machine immediately, check the feeder, main motor, bearing and other parts of the equipment, and then check whether the heaters of different parts operate normally.
disc fertilizer granulator
Problems of machinery and equipment are often caused by not paying attention to maintenance at ordinary times. Therefore, we must take precautions in advance, carry out comprehensive inspection on organic fertilizer production equipment on a regular basis, and pay attention to daily maintenance. (Daily maintenance is common to any equipment, no equipment can be put on hold only once.) And daily maintenance is not as complicated as imagined. After the equipment is running every day, the interior is cleaned and cleaned, and the power supply and switch are reasonable. Place it to ensure that the next time you use it, you can quickly put it into operation. It won't waste too much time.