Difference and application of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer

Compound fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which contains two of the three nutrients and is made by chemical method. Organic fertilizer is a kind of carbonaceous material. Its main function is to provide nutrients for plants. It mainly comes from the processing of animal and plant residues or wastes. It is one of the main fertilizers for the production of green food.

Compound fertilizer

(1) Compound fertilizer has at least two kinds of simple chemical fertilizer with different nutrients. Different raw materials are processed into compound fertilizer with multiple nutrients through fertilizer production line.

(2) The advantages of compound fertilizer are more nutrients, less by-components, good physical properties, and conducive to balanced fertilization, increase fertilizer utilization rate, and promote crop yield.

(3) The fixed proportion of nutrients is a major drawback of compound fertilizer, which can not meet the variety of nutrient elements required by different soils and crops.

(4) In order to improve the soil quality and fertilizer application effect, soil testing unit can be used to improve the effect.
Compound fertilizerOrganic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer

(1) Organic fertilizer is a kind of carbonaceous material. Its main function is to provide nutrients for plants, which mainly comes from the processing or waste of animal and plant residues. After removing the harmful substances, rich organic acids, peptides, nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients are left.

(2) After being processed by fertilizer granulator, on the one hand, it can provide total nutrition for a long time, improve and renew the organic matter in the soil, on the other hand, it can promote microbial reproduction, increase soil physical and chemical properties, reduce diseases and insect pests, and improve crop quality. Organic fertilizer plays an important role in the production of green crops.

In summary, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are both different and related. Organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers can also be mixed and further processed with NPK fertilizer granulator. The formulated mixed fertilizers have better use effects.