Difference between organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator

The principle of organic fertilizer granulator is the same as that of disc pelletizer. Through agglomeration pelletizing, particles can be rolled into balls with high pelletizing rate, good strength, beautiful appearance and applicability. It is the preferred pelletizing equipment for fertilizer enterprises.

Huaqiang fertilizer processing equipment company has many years of manufacturing experience in organic fertilizer granulator equipment, and adopts the production process of high-quality anti-corrosion and high wear-resistant materials. The fertilizer granulator machine produced by us has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, high granulation rate, etc. We are a relatively advanced fertilizer granulation equipment manufacturer in China, with products all over the country.

Organic fertilizer granulator is a new type of granulator developed by our many years of experience in fertilizer processing equipment design and production. The granulator has obtained the national utility model patent. It is used to granulate all kinds of organics after fermentation. It breaks through the conventional organic granulation process. Before granulation, it does not need to dry and crush the raw materials, and can directly process spherical particles with ingredients, which can save a lot of energy. The organic fertilizer granulator adopts the microbial fermentation technology to make the manure of livestock and poultry, urban garbage, etc. into deodorized and sterile organic fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency and without burning roots and seedlings, which is used in the grain field, fruits, vegetables and flowers, and is suitable for the technical transformation of the new plant or the original compound fertilizer plant.
organic fertilizer granulatordisc fertilizer granulator

Characteristics of disc fertilizer granulator

1. The particles produced by the machine are spherical.

2. The organic content can be as high as 100%, realizing the granulation of pure organic matter.

3. The disc granulator uses the feature that organic particles can be embedded with each other and grow up under a certain force, so there is no need to add binder when pelleting.

4. The particles of the disc granulator are solid and can be screened after granulation to reduce the energy consumption of drying.

5. The organic matter fermented by disc granulator does not need to be dried, and the moisture content of raw material can be 20-40%.