Difference between single-shaft and double-shaft roller press granulator

Double roller press granulator is the main method of powder fertilizer granulation. It is produced at room temperature without drying process. It is composed of a pair of rolls with opposite rotating directions. Each roll has a certain number of die holes on its surface. During production, raw materials are gradually compressed by feeding hopper. When they reach the middle of the opposite roll, the material is subjected to the maximum pressure and extruded into particles. The extruded particles are affected by the force, which is related to the radius of the roll, the size of the die hole and the filling degree of the material.

Double roller press granulator is driven by motor pulley, transmission belt through reducer to two high-pressure rollers for relative work. Roller press granulator can be divided into single-shaft and double-shaft. The two rollers of the single-shaft roller press granulator are interacted by a group of opposite gears. The two rollers of the double-shaft roller press granulator are driven directly by two output shafts on a special reducer to achieve the purpose of extrusion forming. Therefore, the double-shaft roller press granulator has strong force, the density of extruded materials is large, and the strength of produced particles is greater.
roller press granulator
There is no temperature rise in the production process of roller press granulator, no chemical reaction occurs in the material, and the processing is convenient. The roller press granulation production line can be used to produce compound fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, ammonium carbonate and other products.