Processing technology of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer production equipment can make use of organic manure by harmless treatment of pig manure and other animal manure, which has high organic matter content and reduces the environmental pollution caused by manure excretion in farms.

Pig manure organic fertilizer fermentation
Collect pig manure from farms, pile it up in fermentation tanks, and pay attention to the water content of pig manure when collecting, generally 40% to 50% is appropriate. Adding auxiliary materials such as cotton straw, sawdust, rape straw and maize straw (treated with straw crusher in advance), the amount of addition is generally 45% - 50% of the weight of pig manure, and the auxiliary materials and pig manure are fully mixed evenly. In the fermentation of pig manure, the microbial agent was added proportionally and dumped once every two or three days. The maximum moisture content in the fermentation process was 60% - 70%. The initial temperature of fermentation is low, the middle temperature rises to the maximum of 60 ℃, and the later temperature decreases. Fermentation takes 20-30 days in summer and longer in winter.
pig manure organic fertilizer equipment
Pretreatment of pig manure organic fertilizer production
Fermented pig manure was crushed by the half-wet material crusher. The crushed organic manure powder was screened out by the drum screener machine to prepare the material for processing. Other nutrients were prepared according to the need of organic fertilizer, and the selected pig manure organic fertilizer was mixed with other nutrients.

Granulation processing of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment
The compounded organic fertilizer is granulated. There are different types of granulator. According to the need, selecting the granulator, such as disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, etc. After drying and cooling, the granules can be packaged as commercial organic fertilizer.