Disc fertilizer granulator is the ideal granulation equipment

With the development of fertilizer production, disc granulator has appeared. The machine is suitable for the round fertilizer particles of compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer, which is convenient for transportation and storage. In order to produce nutrient balanced fertilizer particles, the disc fertilizer granulator is your ideal choice. We are a professional fertilizer factory and will provide you with practical guidance on fertilizer granulation.
disc fertilizer granulator

Structure of disc fertilizer granulator

Disc type fertilizer granulator has arc structure, which ensures 93% high granulation rate of NPK fertilizer production line. The structure of the machine is novel and reasonable, and the weight is light. Flexible granulation position. Due to the gasket, the angle of the large disc can be adjusted. The unique unpowered tool can reduce the power consumption. The large disc of pelletizer is composed of disc body and disc joint. Disc joints can be accommodated up and down. New design and good granulation effect. The diameter of the even granulator and most particles is 3-5mm.

1. The disc granulator adopts full arc disc angle, high granulation rate, three discharge ports, convenient for intermittent production, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving labor efficiency.

2. The motor and reducer are driven by flexible belt to ensure stable startup and improve the service life of the equipment; the gear is quenched by high frequency to prolong the service life by one time.

3. The disc is lined with high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is corrosion-resistant and has long service life; the bottom of the disc is reinforced with multiple radiation steel plates, which is durable and will never deform.

Disc granulator is an important production equipment of organic fertilizer. It is convenient for transportation and storage after the fertilizer is made into particles. The particle product is uniform in appearance, and the equipment has the characteristics of stable operation and long service life. It is an ideal fertilizer granulator machine for fertilizer production. I plant production of various types of fertilizer disc granulator. They vary with the inside diameter, side height, and speed. Customers can choose any type of compound fertilizer granulator according to their production capacity.