Production planning and development of green organic fertilizer


Production and development of green organic fertilizer

Under the concept of sustainable development, green sustainable development technology refers to the use of advanced science and technology, the promotion of enterprise transformation and the development of new energy, to minimize the harm of organic fertilizer production to the environment. Through the organic fertilizer production equipment, reduce environmental pollution, and finally achieve the balance of economic development and ecological environment protection of social and economic development form of production technology.

Green and sustainable organic fertilizer production technology can promote the technological transformation of organic fertilizer industry, conform to the trend and concept of international development and development on ecological environment protection, realize the low emission and energy consumption of organic fertilizer, achieve the purpose of protecting ecological environment, and realize the coordinated development of economic development and ecological environment protection.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer production process-aerobic composting technology

Aerobic composting technology is an important technical means for the disposal of organic waste, and it is especially suitable for agricultural solid waste to fertilize and matrix. The aerobic composting process is the most effective industrial method for disposing agricultural production wastes, fermenting them into organic fertilizers, and realizing resource utilization. Countries around the world attach great importance to the application of advanced engineering technology to improve the industrialization level of aerobic composting technology, so that the composting technology will develop towards mechanization, environmental protection, high efficiency and comprehensive development.

Organic fertilizer granulation process

According to the soil formula and production process, other nutrients are added to the organic matter, which is further processed by the organic fertilizer granulator, and the organic fertilizer is made into granules. Fermented compost can be used as organic fertilizer. But for commercial products, further testing is needed. In terms of industry standards, organic fertilizer products have relevant regulations from nutrient content to harmful substance content and water content. Therefore, it is necessary to add necessary nutrients according to the detection situation to become a real organic fertilizer product. The commonly used organic fertilizer granulating equipment includes disc fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator, etc.