Disc granulator is the core of organic fertilizer making machine processing granules

How much is a disc granulator? What is the price of fertilizer granulator? What if the user has purchased the organic fertilizer machine and will not operate, install or use it? As an organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we provide trial production of fertilizer raw materials, selection, installation, production guidance and other services of granulator.
disc granulator

In the organic fertilizer production process, the powder material is conveyed to the disc granulator through a belt conveyor. A rotating disc with an inclination angle of 50° rotates with the material. Like the rotary drum granulator, the disc granulator machine uses wet granulation to shape the granules. When the material reaches a certain height, its gravity and inertia are separated from the disc, slide along the curved path, and complete the rolling required for granulation under the action of force. At the same time, the liquid sprayed by the spray system will be evenly sprayed on the rolled material to make it condense into particles to complete the entire granulation process.