Advantages of double axis mixer in fertilizer granulation production line

Double axis mixer is widely used in chemical industry, pesticide, food, additive, building materials, mining, metallurgy, coating, slurry, powder and other industries. Act as necessary auxiliary equipment in fertilizer production line.

The mixing efficiency and uniformity of the double blade mixer are better than those of the general mixer when the mixing time is controlled within 1-3 minutes. The unloading adopts pneumatic big door, automatic unloading can be completed in 5 seconds; the flying knife is made of manganese steel; the chain is used to rotate, and the sprocket is made of all segments, which can be pneumatic under full load; the blades and flying blades can be worn and replaced, and the whole machine is scrapped.
fertilizer double axis mixer

Advantages of double axis mixer:

1. The high-efficiency rotary flying knife has the function of quickly dispersing fibers, and the materials are evenly mixed, which is suitable for the processing of the drum granulator.
2. The gas phase balance device makes the mixing more uniform, and the combined blade structure greatly reduces the maintenance cost
3. Open the door to discharge the material to reduce the dead angle of mixing, and the discharge is cleaner and faster.