Disc granulator for garden organic fertilizer production

Fertilizer plants often use disc pan granulator to produce commercial organic fertilizer suitable for different crops. Special organic fertilizer is suitable for garden plants, wheat, rice, palm and other plants. In the fertilizer granulator machine, the disc granulator has the advantages of even granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation, etc. The equipment is solid and durable, with long service life.
How the disc granulator produces garden organic fertilizer granules
When the inclination, height, rotation speed and water content of the disc are fixed, the ball with different particle size will roll down from the edge of the disc according to different separation angles due to different gravity. In the continuous rolling process, the water in the ball is continuously discharged from the surface. Due to the cohesiveness of the material and the natural volatilization of the surface liquid film, the ball has a certain strength, and then it is discharged from the edge of the disk with the rotation of the inclined disk.

Improve the effect of disc fertilizer granulator

1. For the pelletizing problem of the disc granulator, according to the characteristics of the powder: composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., the moisture content of the particles should be controlled at about 28-30%. It has many grains and high output, and is not easy to block the screen surface.
disc fertilizer granulator production equipment 
2. Control the water content of granulating particles. How to preliminarily test the water content of particles in the production process? The most simple and practical method is the hand feeling method: grasp a ball of materials from the disc granulator by hand, the hand can form a ball, and it is appropriate to release it with a touch of fingers. The water content is too small, it is difficult to form a ball, and the output is low; the water content is too much, there are many big balls, the surface of the ball is sticky, and it is easy to block the screen surface; the water content is appropriate, there are many balls, and the output is high. Strictly control the quality of powder and produce organic fertilizer products according to the formula of organic fertilizer.
The granules of the disc granulator are round and strong, and easy to maintain, which is intuitive in the operation process of the entire organic fertilizer production equipment.