How to prolong the service life of compound fertilizer drum granulator

With the development of agriculture and the improvement of technology, the market demand begins to become diversified. Rotary drum granulator is also concerned because of its high efficiency and good granulation effect. Drum granulator is an important component of NPK fertilizer production line. Its service life is related to the manufacturer's production quality, and more is determined by the user's maintenance work in daily use.

How to maintain the rotary drum granulator in daily production

rotary drum granulator
1. Keep the working site clean. After each use, the residual materials inside and outside the granulator shall be completely removed, and the exposed machine shall be wiped clean. It is better to cover the outdoor machine with a shield to prevent the secondary invasion of dust.

2. The gears and worm gears of the drum granulator are lubricated with special grease. Add grease once a season, and oil shall be dripped frequently between the sliding surface of the hinge joint between the support gearbox and the bracket for lubrication. The transmission machine should be thoroughly cleaned and all protective lubricants replaced every year after use.

3. Pay attention to the operation of the fertilizer granulator machine. In case of serious abnormal noise, dry sound and metal friction sound, stop using immediately, check and use after troubleshooting.

4. If it cannot operate, check whether the power supply voltage, power plug socket, connecting plug socket, etc. are normal, and check the internal fault of the controller.