Disc roundness and flatness requirements of disc granulator

The main structure of the disc granulator is a disc. The disc designed by Tianci fertilizer granulator factory is thickened, heavier and stronger, and the base design does not need to be fixed with anchor bolts, so the operation is stable. The pelletizing plate of the pan granulator has three outlets, which is convenient for intermittent production and operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving the labor efficiency. The reducer and motor are driven by flexible belt, which can start stably, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.

The main motor drives the pulley and belt to drive the pinion through the reducer. The pinion and the big gear fixed at the bottom of the disk mesh with each other and work in the opposite direction. The large gear is specially designed for mounting on the spindle of the rack adjusting disc to support the work of the whole granulator (in conjunction with the sprayer).

We designed an automatic cleaning device on the upper part of the pan to prevent the material from sticking to the wall, thereby greatly improving the service life of the disc pelletizer. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials, mass production can be achieved.

Disc surface of the disc granulator shall be flat and the disc roundness shall be high. On the one hand, the disc theme affects the overall beauty of the equipment, on the other hand, it is also the most important. Only when the roundness and flatness meet the requirements, can the equipment operate well, and the bottom scraper and side scraper can play a role, fully contact with the disk surface and the disk bottom, scrape off the materials attached to the disk surface and the disk bottom, and further form the ball.
disc granulator