Ecological agriculture and economic organic fertilizer production equipment

The development of green agriculture and agricultural circular economy has been gradually carried out to alleviate the problems of environmental pollution and soil degradation. In order to develop ecological agriculture and promote agricultural cycle, environmental pollution caused by chemical fertilizer should be solved first. We turn our attention to the application of organic fertilizer. In recent years, the use of organic fertilizer in China has been increasing year by year, especially in fruits, vegetables, tea and horticultural products. In addition, we have vigorously promoted the substitution of organic fertilizer for chemical fertilizer, and promoted green prevention and control and biological control. Organic fertilizer production equipment improves the local ecological environment and forms agricultural ecological cycle.
Ecological agriculture

For organic fermentation fertilizer and organic fertilizer raw materials, such as livestock manure, manure, compost, green manure, sea manure, cake fertilizer, peat, soil manure, three wastes, microorganisms and other organic wastes. The qualified rate of granulation of new organic fertilizer granulator is as high as 80-90%, which is suitable for a variety of different formulations. The pelletizer has high pelletizing rate, and the large ball rate is less than 15%. The particle size uniformity can be adjusted by the stepless speed regulation function of the machine according to the user's requirements. This machine is more suitable for direct granulation after organic fertilizer fermentation, saving drying process and greatly reducing production cost.