Organic fertilizer production equipment has become an indispensable part of agriculture

Fertilizer industry has a short history, but it has developed rapidly, and has gradually become one of the pillar industries encouraged by the state in the field of agricultural materials. However, with the fierce competition in the chemical fertilizer industry, the shortcomings of low utilization have become increasingly prominent, and organic fertilizer production equipment has gradually gained market attention.

With the continuous expansion of the scale of livestock and poultry breeding in China and the gradual improvement of specialization, a large amount of excrement and waste generated in the production and processing of livestock and poultry products are also increasing the pollution level of the surrounding and livestock farms' own environment. Studying the current situation, trends, problems, and necessary policy support of livestock and poultry pollution is of great significance for alleviating rural livestock and poultry pollution in China, improving the utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure resources, achieving sustainable development of livestock and poultry breeding, and improving the living environment and residents' health status in rural areas. Many major agricultural provinces have a large scale of animal husbandry, and the waste discharged from animal husbandry has also caused negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, fermenting and processing various types of livestock and poultry manure, and using organic fertilizer production equipment to produce pure natural and pollution-free organic fertilizers, turning waste into treasure while also improving green environmental protection, is a very good choice.

With the promotion of supply side structural reform and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the fertilizer industry in the future will develop in the direction of cost saving and efficiency increasing, quality and efficiency improvement, emission reduction and efficiency improvement, and green, large-scale, professional and intelligent.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Fertilizer granulator equipment manufacturers adhere to scientific and technological innovation, green development, increase the technical research and production of bio organic fertilizer, we respond to the relevant policies of vigorously developing bio organic fertilizer, optimize the recycling of resources and improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural products, make full use of all kinds of crop straw, plant waste and other biological organic matter, and process them through the organic fertilizer production line Organic fertilizer production, and vigorously promote the use.