Elements of even granulation by disc granulator

Disc granulator is a fertilizer equipment for producing spherical particles, which is a traditional fertilizer granulator machine. In production, how to make the disc granulator better used, this is almost all the disc granulator users think about the topic. So how to operate the disc granulator to granulate evenly? How to adjust its tilt angle?

Next, we will introduce several factors of even granulation of disc granulator, and adjust these factors to help fertilizer production.
disc fertilizer granulator

1. Selection of equipment.

Disc fertilizer granulator can not choose single large-scale equipment, the best choice is to combine multiple pan granulators or compound pan granulator. This is because multiple disc granulators or a disc granulator with multiple turntables can ensure the quality and effect of the pellets.

2. Raw material composition and moisture.

Raw materials are the key to determine the pelletizing rate of fertilizer particles in the disc granulator. It is necessary to ensure enough water with good uniformity and the material composition that can roll into the ball. Do not reduce the water required for the ball formation because the NPK fertilizer production line needs to be dried in the later stage.

3. Speed adjustment.

The rotating speed of the disc granulator can be adjusted by the size of the motor or the power output wheel to change the rotating speed of the rotary table according to different materials, so as to indirectly guarantee the output per unit time and the pelletizing rate of particles.

4. The tilt of the disc.

Generally speaking, the tilt angle of the disc granulator's rotary table can be adjusted. However, the original manufacturer has adjusted a reasonable angle of the disc granulator. It is not allowed to deliberately lower the tilt angle of the disc granulator in order to pursue the output, so as to ensure the service life of the disc granulator.

5. Timely and reasonable maintenance.

Due to the tilting operation of the disc fertilizer granulator, the torque force of the main shaft is very large, so it is necessary to regularly and timely repair, remove the fault, and add lubricating grease to ensure the continuous operation and production.a