Organic fertilizer equipment changes to green ecology

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people put forward higher requirements for agricultural products, non-toxic and pollution-free green food has gradually become a new favorite on the table, which also requires modern agricultural production to change to green ecology. People's demand for high-quality agricultural products promotes the development of organic fertilizer, which provides a great space for the development of organic fertilizer production equipment.
Organic fertilizer equipment changes to green ecology
The development of agricultural production requires the protection of ecological environment and sustainability, which makes organic fertilizer re-enter the field of agricultural production. Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which is made of chicken manure, pig manure and other animal manure as raw materials through the treatment of organic fertilizer production line equipment and NPK fertilizer granulator.

Organic fertilizer retains the original nutrients in chicken manure and pig manure, and eliminates harmful bacteria and various egg pathogens. After the application of organic fertilizer to vegetables and fruits and other crops, not only the yield has increased a lot, but also the nutritional value is higher, and it is more healthy for human body. We can rest assured that it is applicable. The bio organic fertilizer production line reasonably recycles and utilizes resources, solves the environmental problems caused by the random stacking of livestock manure, and also conforms to the current life concept, promoting the development of green agriculture and ecological agriculture. Organic fertilizer is worth popularizing in agricultural production and has investment value.

Organic fertilizer production equipment has changed our quality of life, constantly providing us with a large number of ecological organic crops to meet the needs of modern society for green food. Disc granulator, flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator and other granulation machine produce special-purpose specialty fertilizers with different shapes and characteristics, which meet the needs of different fruits, vegetables and grain crops. Provides help for the advancement of green ecology.