Introduction to material and structure of double axis mixer

Double axis mixer is often used as the pre-treatment equipment of fertilizer production process. For double shaft mixer, the quality of mixing device directly affects the efficiency and mixing quality of fertilizer production line. The main parts of the mixing device is the mixing shaft. The material and structure of the mixing shaft of the double shaft mixer are introduced in detail.

1. Design of double shaft mixing machine

In the process of mixing materials, the force of each blade is relatively complex, so the bending stress and torsion stress transferred to the mixing shaft are also relatively complex. Because the force of the mixing shaft is mainly torsion, in order to facilitate calculation, the design process of the mixing shaft is calculated according to the torsional strength conditions, and the method of increasing the safety factor is adopted to ensure the reliability of the mixing shaft.

2. Material description of mixing shaft of double axis mixer

For unimportant parts with low requirements, common steel shall be selected. Stainless acid resistant steel or anti-corrosion measures should be adopted when the corrosion resistance requirements are high or the materials are not polluted by iron ions. The raw materials can be mixed evenly only after the mixing shaft is vigorously mixed and sent to the fertilizer granulator for granulation production.
double axis mixer

3. Structure description of double shaft mixer

Solid and hollow diameters are commonly used for mixing shafts. Hollow structure can reduce the quality of mixer, but the processing is more complex and the cost is high, so solid structure is usually used.

4. Supporting description of twin shaft mixer

Generally, the mixing shaft is supported by a pair of bearings in the gearbox. However, the bearing condition of the agitator shaft is poor due to its long length and extension in the reactor. When the mixing arm is too long and thin, the shaft will often be twisted and the centrifugal effect will be increased, and then it will be completely destroyed. Therefore, the cantilever of mixing shaft has certain supporting conditions.

As the raw material mixing equipment of NPK fertilizer granulator, double axis mixer is frequently used in fertilizer industry and widely used in other industrial fields.