How to design compound fertilizer formula and use fertilizer equipment to produce compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer formulation is the core of compound fertilizer and the key to its production. In the production of a special compound fertilizer, scientific and rational formulation should be carried out first, and the formulation of the compound fertilizer should include the following aspects.
1. Compound fertilizer formulation can meet the specific crop application requirements of nutrient form, proportion, content and special nutrient requirements (such as silicon requirement for rice).
2. The formulation of compound fertilizer should fully consider the requirements of organic fertilizer level, soil nutrient level and fertilizer application period in the application area.
3. The basic fertilizer source for compound fertilizer selection should have the rationality of technological processing or moulding in order to make the fertilizer have good physical characteristics, and should prevent adverse chemical reactions in the process of fertilizer blending production as far as possible.
4. The selected formula of compound fertilizer should be compatible with the recommended fertilization technology (fertilization amount, fertilization period, fertilization depth, etc.). For example, special fertilizer for topdressing is generally not or less phosphorus.
5. The formulation of special compound fertilizer must be recommended to the factory on the basis of field test to ensure the effect before it can be formally produced.
compound fertilizer production line equipment

Factory production of compound fertilizer needs to go through the steps of proportioning, crushing, mixing and granulation. The compound fertilizer production line includes batching system, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler and so on. Before granulation, the raw materials are prepared in proportion, and the fertilizer is mixed evenly with a mixer to ensure the accuracy of the ingredients and the good fertilizer effect.