Fault prevention and treatment of chain crusher in fertilizer production process

Chain crusher plays a main role in crushing bulk materials and secondary mixing in fertilizer production process. The common faults of chain crusher include material sticking to machine shell, friction between binder and chain ring, chain ring wear and foreign body collision, which results in chain ring fracture.

The main reason for the failure of the chain crusher is that the material entering the crusher is too high in moisture content, too viscous and mixed with lump metal parts. Especially when producing urea and superphosphate compound fertilizer, the free acid in superphosphate can react with urea to form urea phosphate with great solubility, as well as the adduct of phosphoric acid, calcium and urea, and release the crystal water of calcium phosphate. The moisture content of the material increases and the viscosity increases, so it is easy to stick to the crusher. In addition, the high speed rotating chain throws the viscous material to the shell at a very high initial speed, so that the material density on the chain crusher shell is very large, and the intensity is very high. It is extremely difficult to clean up. The bond is continuously increased on the chain and the rotating shaft of the crusher, causing the dynamic balance of the rotating shaft to be destroyed, and the contact and friction between the chain and the adhesive, causing damage to the shaft and bearing of the crusher and wear of the chain ring.

Metal objects in the raw materials into fertilizer production systems, which are coated fertilizer, is not easy to be found, so as to accumulate in the production equipment. The impact between the metal parts and the chain will easily cause the chain to break, and the broken chain will increase the number of metal objects in the fertilizer production, thus accelerating the damage of the chain crusher. Because of the difficulty in removing the bond of the shell, some compound fertilizer plants use the method of striking the chain crusher shell to remove the adhesive. The shell of the chain crusher is convex and uneven due to frequent knocking. It also increases the firmness of the bond between the fertilizer and the shell, which further increases the difficulty of removing the binding material.
chain crusher

The prevention and solution of chain crusher damage:
1 From the fertilizer production process formula to solve the production of high moisture, high viscosity materials
2 Remove metal objects from fertilizer production systems. An effective way to remove metal parts is to install electromagnets at the outlet of the feeding belt conveyor and granulator to remove metal parts (such as metal parts falling into the system during overhaul, bolts and nuts falling off the equipment, etc.) which are brought in by raw materials and produced during production. Chain crusher produced by our company in the body with a rubber lining plate, not easy to stick wall, easy to clean.
3 Clear the bond of chain crusher. When removing the bond on chain crusher, special cleaner can be added to solve the problem of high moisture and high viscosity of material, which is convenient for cleaning.