Fertilizer manufacturing equipment-technical design of roller extrusion granulator

Fertilizer Manufacturing Equipment-Roller Extrusion Granulator
Roller extrusion granulator is a kind of fertilizer manufacturing equipment widely used in fertilizer processing. It produces compound fertilizer and adopts no drying process. Roller extrusion granulator can be produced at room temperature, and fertilizer particles can be formed at one time. The fertilizer manufacturing equipment can produce not only low, medium and high concentration compound fertilizers, but also simple granular phosphate fertilizers and large granular ammonium carbonate fertilizers.

Technical Design of Roller Extrusion Granulator
Roller extrusion granulator is designed with no drying process. It is manufactured at room temperature. Its quality meets the international technical standards.
roller extrusion granulator of fertilizer manufacturing equipment
Roller extrusion granulator is composed of a pair of rolls with opposite rotating directions, each roll has a certain number of die holes engraved on its surface. The powder material enters the hopper. With the continuous rotation of the roll, the material enters the arc triangle between the two rolls and is gradually compressed. The fertilizer in the roller extrusion granulator is pressed into granules under the maximum pressure. When the roller continues to rotate, the slip occurs between the particles and the die holes. Under the action of gravity, the fertilizer particles fall off from the die holes. For the same roller extrusion granulator, the roller radius and die hole size are unchanged, so the force of granulator mainly depends on the filling degree of material.

In the roller extrusion fertilizer production line, the uniform stirring before granulation and the screening after granulation have not significantly increased the temperature in the whole process, and there is no need for drying and removing water, and there is no chemical reaction in the material, so the fertilizer processing is very convenient.
roller extrusion fertilizer production line

Other Settings of Roller Extrusion Granulator
1) The installation clearance between the two pairs of rolls of the roller extrusion granulator is 0.5-2 mm, and the centerline of the two pairs of rolls is kept on the same horizontal plane.

2) When installing the roller extrusion granulator, ensure that the spherical sockets on the surface of the two roll-shaped wheels are symmetrical and dislocation-free.

3) The two roll moulds of roller extrusion granulator should be polished and polished, which requires high surface smoothness.