Fertilizer manufacturing equipment - granulation influencing factors of drum granulator

Rotary drum granulator is a kind of fertilizer manufacturing equipment and an important machine for the compound fertilizer production line. A compound fertilizer production line can produce many kinds of fertilizers with high adaptability of raw materials. The compound fertilizer production line with small output can produce 3000 tons per year, and the production line with large output can reach 100,000 tons per year. 
According to the production status of drum granulator, we analyzed the influencing factors of compound fertilizer granulation.
Fertilizer manufacturing equipment for drum granulator

1. Temperature affects the production of drum granulator. With the increase of granulation temperature, chemical reactions between salts become active, chemical bonds between materials increase, and the solubility of inorganic salts generally increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, when the granulation temperature is high, the amount of compound salts formed by mutual dissolution and reaction of fertilizers increases, and the uniformity increases. The water content of drum granulator during production should be adjusted with the change of temperature and solubility of raw materials.

2. Humidity directly affects the finished product of drum granulator. The liquid content has the most direct relationship with the material humidity. With the increase of the humidity, the solubility of the material increases and the liquid content increases. The granulation of different material systems is closely related to the liquid phase content. Therefore, the drum granulator should adjust the water content according to the characteristics of raw materials in the production of different kinds of compound fertilizers.

3. The solubility of materials has a great influence on the production of drum granulator. At the same temperature and humidity, the material with high solubility forms more liquid phase.

4. The return of compound fertilizer production line has an important influence on granulation. Feed-back can reduce the granulation temperature and humidity of materials. Proper amount of feed-back can help compound fertilizer to granulate.

5. The influence of fertilizer manufacturing equipment itself. The smoothness of inner lining plate of drum granulator affects the granulation effect of material. If the inner lining plate is too smooth, the friction between machine and material is too small, the rolling times of material are less, and the particles can not be spheroidized. The lining plate is too rough, and the material is bonded to the inner wall of the drum granulator, which causes the lining plate to agglomerate and the material can not roll into balls.