Fertilizer manufacturing process for pig manure treatment

The basic methods of pig manure treatment can be divided into physical treatment, chemical treatment, physical and chemical treatment and biological treatment. The physical-chemical methods of classification include thermal conversion (combustion, gasification and pyrolysis), solid-liquid separation and filtration, advanced alkali treatment, and aeration/mixing. Biological treatment methods include high temperature composting, anaerobic digestion, high temperature anaerobic digestion, self-heating high temperature aerobic digestion, and constructed wetlands. 
In practical applications, pig manure treatment is generally divided into: direct return to the field, fermented compost, and biogas fermentation. Pig manure fermenting compost is a commonly used fertilizer manufacturing process.

Pig manure contains a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus, which can be used directly by crops. On the one hand, pig manure can make the soil fertile, improve soil quality and improve crop yield; on the other hand, the harmful substances in pig manure can be absorbed and degraded through the soil and plant roots, so that the bacteria can be eliminated. However, pig manure contains pathogens and other harmful substances. Returning it directly to the field will pollute the soil and possibly burn the crops. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of pig manure fertilizer, fermentation composting is generally used to treat pig manure efficiently.
Pig Manure Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

Windrow compost turning machine to treat fermented compost
Pig manure and other materials are stacked in stacks. The material stacking height should not exceed 1.5 meters and the width should be arbitrary. Pig manure and straw raw materials are fermented at high temperature, which kills harmful substances in raw materials and makes composting harmless. In the process of composting for fermentation, there must be a windrow compost turning machine to mix materials. The windrow compost turning machine flips the lower material out to promote the aerobic fermentation of fertilizer.

Pig manure composting is a relatively easy to operate and low investment way of manure treatment. Using different types of fertilizer granulator machine, the decomposed compost can be made into special fertilizer suitable for different crops. We provide a variety of fertilizer granulator machines, such as organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator machine.