How to use biofertilizer on fruit trees

Biofertilizer contains a lot of organic matter and beneficial microorganisms, but the more they are used, the better. Improper use can also cause damage to crop growth. Biofertilizer should be combined with organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. In use, it should be fully activated, fermented and fermented, grasp the dosage, and fertilize at the right time. So how does the application of biofertilizer work better on fruit trees? Let the fertilizer machine manufacturers introduce you to the use of biofertilizer.

Principles of biofertilizer application in fruit trees
(1) Fertilizer bags should not be placed for too long after opening. They should be applied as soon as possible, which will affect fertilizer efficiency.

(2) Different types of fruit trees or the same kind of fruit trees should be selected at different times. If the leaves have less hair on the back and the wax layer is thicker, it is not suitable for spraying. Otherwise, the effect after fertilizer application is poor.

(3) Biofertilizer should not be mixed with pesticides such as pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. If pesticides must be used, the application of bio-organic fertilizer should be advanced or delayed for 3 days.
biofertilizer application

Points for attention in biofertilizer production
The combination of biofertilizer, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer has the best fertilizer effect. Single biological bacterial fertilizer can not meet the needs of crop nutrients. So from the point of view of the fertilizer machine manufacturers, in the process of biofertilizer production, biofertilizer, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can be mixed and granulated, and all fertilizers can be combined to improve the quality of biofertilizer production products. Because biofertilizer is sensitive to temperature, general granulator may affect fertilizer efficiency. Flat die extrusion granulator adopts low temperature biofertilizer production process, which can effectively retain the effective components of fertilizer. Flat die extrusion granulator can make powdery materials into cylindrical particles by physical extrusion, which has high hardness and can be stored for a long time.