Where should the fertilizer plant pay attention to the production of fertilizer

Fertilizer production involves many aspects and is quite complicated. Generally speaking, fertilizer factories should abide by the following principles when making fertilizers.
(1) The nutrient elements of fertilizers can not be substituted for each other. In the production and preparation of fertilizers, comprehensive nutrition and long-lasting nutrients should be achieved. Although the contents of 16 essential nutrients in plants are quite different, which can be several times, hundreds of times or even hundreds of thousands of times, each of them has its own special functions and is equally important and irreplaceable. Therefore, fertilizer production should pay attention to comprehensive nutrition and long-term fertilizer efficiency.

(2) In the fertilizer production line, reparing fertilizer according to the nutrient supply ability of soil. The supply capacity of soil nutrients is the main basis for determining which fertilizer is needed. Only through the analysis and determination of soil nutrient content, clear what it lacks and what it lacks, can we determine the fertilizer varieties and produce fertilizers suitable for the soil.
fertilizer production
(3) Fertilizers acting on different crops should be targeted. Fertilizers acting on different crops should be targeted. Fertilizer factories should produce targeted series of fertilizers according to the characteristics of crop fertilizer requirements. Different crops have different ability to attract and utilize nutrients because of their different genetic characteristics. As a result, there are still different responses in the same soil fertility. Fertilizer factories should not only grasp the ability of soil fertilizer supply, but also judge the kinds of nutrient elements that crop lacks according to the growth needs of crops, and even carry out chemical diagnosis of plant nutrition to further determine. According to the measured data of crop growth, specific fertilizers suitable for the crop were produced.

BB fertilizer production equipment
(4) BB fertilizer production technology. In fertilizer production and granulation, due to adverse reactions between different raw materials, which have an impact on fertilizer efficiency, the products of a fertilizer production line often can not meet our needs. Fertilizer plants can produce fertilizers by granulating different kinds of fertilizers separately, and then mix them with BB fertilizer equipment to make compound fertilizers with BB fertilizer properties. This compound fertilizer is flexible in formulation and can effectively combine the characteristics of different fertilizers to meet the nutrient supply intensity of crops.