Method and Function of manufacturing earthworm manure organic fertilizer

Earthworm manure has high organic fertilizer content, which can transform many kinds of wastes into granular earthworm manure through the synergistic action of earthworms and microorganisms. Earthworm manure is a multifunctional organic fertilizer with strong biological activity. Earthworm manure is rich in organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. It has high effective nutrient content and can be easily absorbed and utilized by crops after release.

Method for manufacturing earthworm manure organic fertilizer
A large number of earthworms were cultured, and the cultured earthworms were separated from the earthworm manure. The collected earthworm manure can be dried and crushed, and then processed into organic fertilizer. The equipment for processing organic manure from earthworm manure is as follows:
Crusher. The dried earthworm dung is crushed into powder.

Mixer. According to the formula, add nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other ingredients, the mixer will thoroughly mix these raw materials evenly. Earthworm manure can be mixed with other chemical fertilizers, and the organic fertilizer produced by the mixture has good effect. Without granulation, these powders can be sold directly as organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizer granulator. According to the production process of organic fertilizer, some processes need to be dried and cooled after granulation of organic fertilizer.
organic fertilizer granulatorearthworm organic fertilizer

Packing machine
. The manufactured organic fertilizer can be directly packaged as a commodity. The packaging machine integrates feeding, weighing, bag clamping, conveying and sewing. It has high automation, fast packing speed and high precision.

Effect of earthworm manure organic fertilizer
The earthworm excrement processed by the organic fertilizer production line plays a very good role in agricultural production. It has the following advantages.
1. Earthworm manure organic fertilizer can improve soil, change soil physical properties, make clay loose, make sand condensate, and promote soil air circulation.

2. Earthworm manure organic fertilizer improves the quality of agricultural products. Applying earthworm manure to apple, watermelon, tomato and other crops can significantly improve the quality of products, and its improvement effect is more significant than other common organic fertilizers.

3. Earthworm excrement can reduce the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests. The beneficial microorganisms in earthworm dung can obviously inhibit the pathogenic microorganisms in soil, reduce the occurrence of diseases and enhance the resistance of plants to pests and diseases.