Factors Affecting Fertilizer Production of Roller Press Granulator

Roller press granulator is a dry granulating equipment. In fertilizer granulating production line, there are some factors affect the granulation effect of roller press granulator.

Roll width of double roller press granulator
In the extrusion process, the fertilizer is formed by the pressure exerted by the granulator. So pressure affects the extrusion effect of fertilizer. Under a certain total pressure, the force exerted on the material is related to the width of the roll of the granulator. In the granulation of compound fertilizer production, the width of the roll of the double roller press granulator is usually 15-30 cm.

Clearance between rolls and roll diameter of roller press granulator
The gap between the rolls determines the thickness of the fertilizer tablets and also determines the output of the granulator. For different fertilizers, there is an optimum thickness of pressing sheet in granulator production. In the production of compound fertilizer, the thickness of double roller press granulator is usually 1%-3% of the roll diameter. Increasing the roll diameter of granulator is beneficial to compound fertilizer extrusion. The roll diameter used in fertilizer production is 30-100 cm.
roller press granulator

Roller and output particles of roller press granulator
The roller press granulator used in the compound fertilizer granulation production line is corrugated or pitted on the surface of the roll, and the die is sleeved on the axis of the granulator. The granules produced by the roller press granulator are flat spherical and various flakes.
pellet of roller press granulatorpellet of roller press granulator

Roll speed of roller press granulator
The rotational speed of the rolls also affects the production capacity of the roller press granulator. The circumferential linear velocity of rolls should not exceed 112 m/s, otherwise the granulation effect of particles would be very poor.