Pelletizing Technology of Organic Fertilizer Granulator by Agglomeration

New type organic fertilizer granulator, that is, the stirring tooth drum granulator, is widely used in organic fertilizer production line. The new type organic fertilizer granulator adopts agglomeration granulation process to make organic fertilizer raw materials into granules, which is convenient for transportation and use of organic fertilizer. It’s core in organic fertilizer production equipment. The equipment has been welcomed by the vast number of organic fertilizer plants.

Structure of New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

organic fertilizer granulator
New type organic fertilizer granulator is powered by the motor, which drives the granulating shaft to rotate at high speed through a reducer or belt drive. The new type organic fertilizer granulator only needs a power device to make the high humidity material granular from powder. The core components of the new type organic fertilizer granulator are the granulating shaft and the spiral blades and agitating teeth on it, which are arranged in the same order on the axis. The height of the stirring teeth can be adjusted effectively by connecting the stirring teeth and the stirring rods with threads. The more the stirring rods are arranged, the better the granulation effect is, but the more the stirring rods at the front end will cause blockage, so the stirring rods arranged in a certain way will have a better effect. The diameter of organic fertilizer granules produced by the new type organic fertilizer granulator is usually 0.3-5 mm. The granulation rate of the granulator is higher than 85% and the yield is higher.

Features of Wet Organic Fertilizer Granulator

The granulation of organic fertilizer is more troublesome for the treatment of organic fertilizer plant, because the moisture content of organic materials after composting and fermentation is generally 30% - 40%, there are more impurities and fibers in raw materials, and the granulation effect of traditional granulation equipment is not good. New type organic fertilizer granulator is a new type fertilizer granulation equipment derived from drum granulator. Many problems of organic fertilizer granulation are solved by wet granulation, and the granulation effect is good.

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