New type fertilizer stirring tooth granulator for processing organic fermentation products

With the diversification of raw materials, organic fertilizer manufacturers are constantly developing new granulation equipment. In the production of ordinary organic fertilizer, there is a stirring tooth fertilizer granulator, which has high production efficiency and good product quality. In terms of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, there is also a new NPK fertilizer granulator, which is improved on the basis of the agitating gear granulator, which solves the problem of material adhering to the wall and produces beautiful particles.

Performance of new type NPK fertilizer granulator

(1) With the development of agriculture, the improvement of technology and the diversification of demand, the new NPK fertilizer granulator is a kind of organic fertilizer granulator. The wet granulator of organic fertilizer can realize the material selection. As long as the organic matter after effective fermentation can be granulated by the new granulator, which breaks the limitations and obstacles of the traditional process.

(2) The compressive strength of NPK fertilizer granulator is higher than that of disc granulator and rotary drum granulator. There is no need to stop the processing of raw materials, crushing and drilling before granulation, so it can directly realize batching processing and direct granulation. The granulation equipment is suitable for many kinds of organic fermentation products, such as livestock manure, grain straw, mushroom residue, sawdust, soy sauce residue and so on.

(3) This kind of drum granulator not only saves a small amount of electric power investment, but also improves the production efficiency of organic fertilizer, which is convenient and quick with satisfactory effect.
NPK fertilizer granulator

The diversification of raw materials promotes the diversification of organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Only by choosing the organic fertilizer making machine suitable for its own materials can the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment give full play to its efficiency.