Granulation and screening of compound fertilizer production

In the production of compound fertilizer, granulation and screening are very important. The effect of granulation and screening directly affects the overall quality of NPK fertilizer production line. The existing screening machine for compound fertilizer mainly adopts drum screen and vibrating screen. Vibrating screen is an important equipment for solid material classification, which is widely used in mining, building materials, coal preparation, energy, chemical industry and other industries. Working principle: the vibrating screen machine uses the exciting force produced by the exciter to make the screen body vibrate periodically along the direction of exciting force, and the materials beat around the screen surface. The materials of different specifications are graded and arranged to the required screen surface through different sieve holes, and then discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of classification or demineralization. The amplitude can be adjusted by adjusting the weight of the eccentric block. The existing screening machine, because there is no secondary screening section, often screening effect is not guaranteed.
NPK fertilizer production line
On the other hand, the existing compound fertilizer granulator machine mainly adopts disc granulator and rotary drum granulator. Among them, disc granulator is widely used in the production of compound fertilizer due to its advantages of simple structure, low cost, even granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation and long service life. However, the existing disc granulator also has the disadvantages of low output, poor general performance, and trouble in discharging, which reduces the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, drum granulator is used for large output NPK fertilizer steam granulation.