Disc granulator has remarkable ability of grading granulation

Disc granulator is a widely used fertilizer granulator, which has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance. The disc granulator is composed of a shallow plate with an angle and a support frame. The tilt angle and the rotation speed of the disc are adjustable.

Grading granulating capacity of disc granulator

span style="font-size: 16px;">During the processing of NPK fertilizer production line, the materials stirred by horizontal mixer are sent to the top of the disc by belt conveyor and added into the disc continuously and quantitatively. The materials in the disc are bound and wrapped into particles by the spray adhesive. As the disc rolls, the particles grow. As the disc granulator has a significant classification capacity, large particles float on the top and discharge continuously from the bottom of the disc. The smaller particles stay in the plate and stick together with the newly added materials, and continue to grow. The disc granulator is very even in granulation, with few returned materials and large production capacity. An ordinary disc granulator can produce 1-4 tons of finished particles per hour. We also provide large size, high output granulator.
disc fertilizer granulator

How to operate the machine after buying the disc fertilizer granulator? Fertilizer machine manufacturers give you four suggestions for reference.
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the reducer is filled with gear oil and whether the rotation direction of the disc is correct.
2. Run. Press the start button to start the main engine. Observe whether the equipment operates normally, whether there is vibration and whether the rotation is stable.
3. After the organic fertilizer production equipment runs normally, feeding and water can be added in the granulator.
4. According to the requirements of the pelletizer, the angle of the disc can be adjusted to make the particles reach the required size.

No matter what equipment you buy, you must master its working principle and correct operation method, only in this way can you ensure the stable performance of the equipment.