Startup guideline of Huaqiang excellent-quality disc granulator

1. The control of the water content of the disc granulator in the operation of the fertilizer production line. The granulation process of the disc granulator requires high moisture content, and poor moisture control will cause the granulation speed to decrease. Therefore, during the processing, attention should be paid to the sprayer to observe the control changes of the moisture of the granulated raw materials.
2. The personnel operating the disc granulator should pay attention to the quality of various materials during the feeding control process to ensure that sundries, large lumps and large particles are not mixed into the feed. In addition, they should also pay attention to the temperature of the equipment feed, because if the temperature of the die is too high, the material will easily break and stick to the die after startup. In this case, they should take care to wait for the cooling before continuing.
3. Pay attention to the change of the inclination angle of the disc granulator during operation. The disc granulator has a certain angle of inclination. If the inclination angle changes due to accidental reasons, it will also affect the granulation rate of the organic fertilizer particles and also affect the service life.
4. During the operation of the disc granulator, the operator should also pay attention to the temperature change of the body at any time. Unlike the NPK fertilizer granulator, the production process of the disc granulator is very intuitive. The operator can touch the blade with clean hands. If the blade does not touch the hand, the temperature should rise immediately until the blade touches the hand. Then, during the normal operation of the granulator, the operator should maintain a stable machine temperature and do not let the temperature rise and fall. In addition, the operator should pay attention to maintaining the temperature around the vent until the head temperature reaches about 200 degrees Celsius.
disc granulator

5. When using the disc granulator, in order to ensure that the particles are uniform, smooth and complete, attention should be paid to ensure that the fertilizer production line feed evenly and fully. The feeding speed and discharging speed of fertilizer production line should be properly matched to avoid the decrease of granule quality and yield.
6. When the disc granulator body is unstable, check whether the coupling clearance is too tight and loosen it in time. If the bearing part of the reducer is heated or noisy, it should be repaired and refuelled in time.
7. During the installation of the disc granulator, the main body should be kept perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the verticality should be calibrated and corrected after installation.
8. Before the installation of the disc granulator, the concrete foundation shall be prepared, installed on the horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with bolts.
9. Before power on, make sure that the power on meets the power supply requirements set by the disc granulator, and configure the power line and control switch according to the equipment power supply.
10. After installation, check whether the bolts of each part are loose and whether the door of the main engine compartment is fastened.