How to granulate in the extruded granular fertilizer manufacturing process technology

Flat die extrusion granulator is an important machine for the production of organic fertilizer. It uses extrusion to granulate and plays an important role in fertilizer manufacturing process technology. In our usual production activities, fertilizer granulation methods are various. In order to help you better understand the process of extrusion granulation, the following will explain the main ways of extrusion granulation.

Flat die extrusion granulator uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials, and then extrudes the materials by roll shaft, which is driven by eccentric sleeve or hydraulic system. When the solid material is extruded, the air between the powder particles is first removed and the particles are rearranged to eliminate the voids between the materials.

The extrusion granulator should prevent the powder material from being in the extrusion granulation equipment, and then use the external force to compact the powder material tightly. Because of the different ways of external force used, the molecules are reassembled to make the material appear cylindrical particles. In fertilizer manufacturing process technology, the whole process of generation and extrusion is mechanized operation without manual operation. Compared with the agitation granulation, it mainly uses the agitation method to make the material shape, showing a round shape.
flat die extrusion granulator

The double roller press granulator is also used for granulation by extrusion. It is often used in fertilizer manufacturing process such as compound fertilizer. The large sheet produced by the roller press granulator is 5-20 mm thick, and the surface density is 1.5-3 times of the feed. The large sheet is flaked, crushed and screened to obtain the required granular products. The particles formed by pressure form a hot spot at the contact point and melt the material. When the temperature drops, the material is cooled to form a fixed bridge.

Above is the detailed introduction of extrusion granulation method, you can know more about it, so that fertilizer production can produce qualified granules. There are many kinds of granulation methods in fertilizer processing technology, and extrusion granulation is a common method.